Uni is not starting fast enough. I feel as though I am in primary school again, waiting waiting waiting for school to start. I’m bored. There’s nothing to do.

Not quite. It is more like:

“The faster uni starts, the faster it finishes and the faster I can graduate and actually get a proper job.”

(as much as I love my current one, it is not a proper job. Proper jobs pay mortgages. Which I admittedly don’t have yet, but would like to.)

“The faster I get a proper job, I’ll have the sort of money in my hand that I have been used to for about 3 or so years. I won’t have to take from the government.”

(which I hate – it is degrading. It is helpful, but do they have to put ‘pension’ on my bank statement?)

The faster I’ll feel like an able human being that can actually contribute to society. And the faster I can go into debt with a bank and buy half of my local Freedom Furniture store.

‘Cause that’s all this is really about, my wanting dining room chairs that look like they come from Fritz Hansen.

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