I return

I’m looking at buying a new bike around Christmas – February 2008 – it would be earlier but my contract at work is coming to an end and I can’t justify the purchase of a $1800 racing bike. I’m trying to save for it and not use my current savings as I originally intended my savings to be my house deposit, and I’d like to keep it that way.

But still, this is pretty, and I look at it every time I go to the bike shop:

But to be honest I’m looking at about 10 different bikes – they all have the same gruppo (Shimano 105), they’re all carbon/aluminium and they’re all around $1800 so I’m leaving it until I’ve had a bikefit done. This way it’ll automatically knock out some of the contenders because the geometry doesn’t work with my body. Well, that is the plan.

I will admit to having a totally different list of carbon Ultegra bikes that I like just in case there is a massive sale on when I buy my bike…

Hey, c’mon.

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