With a plan

So, I had a bike fit done, and the bloke who did it kind of discounted every bike that I was looking at except for one that he sold. Huh. So I’m going to go on a few group rides with Mickey and try out some of his bikes.

I’ve already been on one – we worked out seat pitch and head stem length, and I’m going to go on another 40 – 50 km ride on Saturday to test the adjustments. It was really weird at first – I’d never been on a road bike before. Dad had owned one when I was a kid, but I never rode it (it was too big for me), so for the first 10 km I was just working out the gears and brakes. It felt so responsive compared to my hybrid, it was like all I had to do was think about turning and the bike turned. I have to work out the gearing required for me to get out of the saddle to climb – the ratios felt so comfortable that I didn’t need to get out of the saddle to climb, and when I did just to test it, the bike wobbled like mad. I think this week I’ll use the first 10 km (which is about 2 k of flat and then about 8 km of up and down) to re-familiarise myself with the gears and then work out how to climb out of the saddle. I suspect it is probably more of my trusting the bike than anything else.

What was really cool was when I needed to add on a bit of speed I just had to turn my legs just the tiniest bit faster and the amount of difference was immense.

I went on the social group ride this morning, and while I agree with this guy, the problem is when you think you’re dressed sufficiently warmly, only to discover that you aren’t. I was wearing my base layer, knicks, arm warmers, knee warmers, jersey and headband/earband, and I was so damn cold. I should have had my polar vest too – it was about 4.C, so I think I am justified, but still.

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