Light blind

When I ride my bike home from work in the winter, when I go down the freeway bike path at a particular point I am blinded by the cars heading into the city.

The headlights sort of ‘take over’ my vision – and I can’t see the path in front of me.  The light from the cars isn’t uncomfortable – it isn’t like I’m squinting in pain – but it stops me from being able to distinguish all the shadows.

I’m going to take in an old pair of my glasses to the optometrist to get new lenses put in with a yellow tint for night riding, but I have to be a bit more financial – I got paid for the first time in a month last night, so I have to sort out my finances first.

I’ve found a good alternative to them, though.  I just ride down the path with my helmet tilted to the left sufficiently so as to block some of the light, and I don’t go at a particular speed.  I flatly refuse to worry about the dicksmacks on their bikes with no damn lights whatsoever, and I only look ahead of myself about 10 metres.  Then, when someone my speed goes to overtake me, I get on their wheel and pedal like fuck, looking at their tail light the whole way.

Tonight I noodled along at around 20 km/h, then a guy came past and I hooked on – not so close as to be drafting, but close enough to easily see his red tail light – and cracked on at about 28 km/h.  Perfect.

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