Most of the country is in drought.  Farms and fields all over the continent are dry and have been for years.  In Perth, the drought has broken a little.

So I put the proper pedals on.  I went on the Sunday Slow Ride and all was good – I had to clip-out a few times, but no crashing.  Missed the bad weather and spent the afternoon helping to paint a spare room at Mum’s place – I contributed to the blu-tac marks, so I should make up for them.  A tip for those at home: don’t paint a room the day after you’ve done an upper-body workout.

So now I’m a little more confident about the shoes, pedals and new bike; but I can’t go out.  Rain was due on Monday, so I took the bus with my backpack filled with clothes to put in my locker ready for Tuesday.  There was 19.2 mm of rain on Monday, so it was a fair call.  Tuesday wasn’t supposed to be as wet, so I figured I’d be OK.  The skinny tires are quite different to the wider hybrid tires that I’m used to – I have to be careful when I pick a line going through corners, because with the weather there is a lot of sand on the road.  With little rain, and a bit of wind I figured I was used to them enough to be OK.

This morning I wake up, and the wind is up.  A lot.  It wasn’t just a steady wind, it was gusting up to 20 km/h more.  I decide to leave it until it gets closer to when I need to think about leaving.  It gets worse, and then the crash of rain hits the window.  So I decide not to ride.

Much of today has been bright, sunny, dry and has PISSED ME OFF!  OK, there were a few instances of wet, windy weather, but generally?  Perfectly fine.

What is possibly the redeeming part of my decision this morning was the fact that about when I left home today I didn’t feel so crash hot.  Kind of: if I had have ridden I’d have ended up with a cold.  As it is, I feel like I have a lingering malaise.

So I’m hoping that it doesn’t rain – unlikely: thunderstorms tomorrow.  That I’m not going to wake up tomorrow with a cold, and that Thursday (the next nice day) is going to remain nice.

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