Ankle lumps

ankle lumps
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So. About a month or so ago on a Friday evening I was running for the bus and I did something to the tendon that holds the arch of my foot up. It mustn’t have been very major because I don’t remember it hurting after about an hour. On the Monday it was a little sore, and then on the Tuesday it was definitely sore. So I went to the doctor and she told me to take Voltaren and put it in a compression bandage for a week.

After a week I leave the bandage off and take the final Voltaren, and all is good.

Until about a week after that when it began to hurt again and a lot more than previously. I went straight to the physio, do not pass go do not collect $200. He told me which tendon it was, massaged it, gave it a heat treatment and taped it up. He said that I’d probably have to come back if it flared up again. He sent me to the podiatrist to see whether it was going to get worse, or whether there was anything that I could do to stop it continuing.

I’ve been to the podiatrist once, and to the physio a few times, and things are slowly getting better. The tendon as it goes up my leg has calmed down a lot – in fact it doesn’t hurt at all. I had a flare up last Thursday, and I looked down at my feet and realised that I was lacking a lot of symmetry there. (The lump in the picture – imagine it double in size and a little angry looking.)

The physio threw everything at it – ultrasound, electropulse and ice. OK – that wasn’t all they had, but I’m glad that acupuncture wasn’t included. He taped it up and then put it in an awesome crepe bandage that was so tight it made my toes tingle. I drove home from the physio and plonked myself down in front of the TV and watched 6 episodes straight of The West Wing with my foot elevated and an icepack on it. So what you see is it on Monday night, just over 24 hours without the crepe bandage.

I’ve booked myself in for one more session with the physio, partly because I want to know that the lump will deflate some more. It feels so much better than it did on Thursday – I tested it this morning and I can stand on one leg without collapsing in pain, which is lovely. It was getting to be a bitch when I went to put my jeans on; I’d forget that I couldn’t stand on one leg and I’d end up landed on the bed, swearing.

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