Forbidden food

When I was a kid there were foods that mum wouldn’t let us eat – Cocopops, Nutella, Frootloops, that sort of thing. Essentially anything with an abundance of sugar.

So now I’m all grown up, it occurred to me that I was old enough to choose to try them myself.

So a few weeks ago when for various reasons I went off muesli very suddenly I bought one of those eight single serve packs of cereal with 7 different cereals in them. Including 2 packets of Cocopops.

Oh my god. That is crack in a bowl. Glorious, lovely, chocolate coated crack. That was the first one I tried and it was so good the next day I had the second box. I’ve had some of the others, and now every morning I eat the Sultana Bran, but I still think fondly of the Cocopops.

So today I bought and tried nutella. I put it on my fresh wholemeal bread, and bit in and the heavens sang. Oh wow that is awesome.

I can completely understand why my mother flatly refused to let my sister and I eat those sort of foods, because it is only with serious willpower that I do not have a spoonful of nutella – a large spoonful of nutella – in my mouth now.

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