I’m improving. Sort of.

Ran for the bus today, as I thought that I was cutting it a bit fine to get to the bus stop. Was most pleased to realize that I wasn’t out of breath. Then I had to properly sprint for the train this evening and did the sternum testing deep breaths for a couple of minutes when I got on the train.

Swam tonight, and I’m clearly improving. 400 metres and I’m breathing every fourth stroke, and can swim twenty strokes and get more than halfway down the pool before I need a breath. Couldn’t have done that back when I first started.

Did two laps where I deliberately breathe on my right side, and it was quite ugly. I had to do it every second stroke, and my technique was not tidy.

Speaking of technique, swimming at the local pool does wonders for my ego. I’m in one of the slow lanes, and last time there was a guy flailing in the pool with legs and arms akimbo, and at one point Jeremy and I were sure that he wasn’t actually moving down the pool length; for all that splash he was still. Tonight there was a guy who hadn’t learnt that you are supposed to bend your arms when doing freestyle. It was like watching someone bellyflop with their arms.

So I feel good about my swimming. I’m making progress, but I need to start linking together my 50 metre lengths.

Next up: swimming 100 metres instead of 50 metres at a time. I think I might go back to breathing every 2 strokes for that one.

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