Get up and move.

I set my alarm for 5.10am now. That gives me 20 minutes for faffing about after I wake up; going to the loo, getting a cup of tea, getting changed into my running gear and looking at my trainers before I sigh loudly (and a tiny bit resentfully), put them on and go out the door.

This morning I needed 30+ minutes. It was pissing it down outside. Then it would stop. Then it would start again. I chose running tights instead of shorts because they’re a tiny bit warmer. I got outside and managed about 1 minute of running before I looped back to change out of my t-shirt into a long sleeved shirt. It was not a lovely spring morning, it was a shitty spring morning but I had interval sprints to do.

Thankfully interval sprints are fairly quick (see: sprints) and I could go back inside soon enough, but I was oddly proud of myself for going out there on such a revolting morning. I quite enjoy running in the rain but I prefer those days where the rain is warm. Also, interval sprints mean that you are walking for some of it, whereas when you’re just running you keep quite warm. When you do the walk interval you cool down a bit more than you’d prefer. 

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