Feelings nom nom

I do eat my feelings! I didn’t think I did but I do! I had a hard day yesterday, and I wanted chocolate. Not a lot; I’m not one for an entire packet of Tim Tams, but a Freddo Frog, or a Milky Way, or something. I didn’t have any, because I recognized that I was just going for comfort and I could probably choose better comfort food than chocolate.

We went to pub trivia last night and I had the prawn fettucine again. Tomato sauce, prawns, chorizo and chili with some fettucine. They used the chili that had a kick too, to my pleasure.

I felt much better. I hadn’t been cranky diet girl but I’d had a crappy morning (excellent afternoon though), and I wanted comfort, not Thai Beef Salad. My lunch had been all salad (no protein) so I figured it was balanced out, and once I’d eaten that I had no spiritual need for dessert.

So carbohydrates (16km run again tomorrow, so it’s not like it won’t be used), and no chocolate. Not bad.

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