Random thoughts

I need to buy an overabundance of socks and sports bras because my standard technique of going out and buying sufficient of each means that they all start dying at the same time. So not only do I need to again buy new socks and sports bras to replace the current lot I need to make regular forays into Target to buy new ones to cycle into the collection. This isn’t so bad with socks but because Target can’t keep the same design of sports bra for longer than 4 months it means I have to try them all on again to find the best one for me. Most annoying.

I am participating in the Global Corporate Challenge again this year, so for the next four months I’ll either be carrying my Fitbit and the GCC pedometer or just the GCC pedometer. I’m tempted to sign over the Fitbit to Jeremy for the four months so that he can play with it instead.

I swam one kilometre on Monday night.  My coaching session finished up at 800 metres with a 100 metre cool down swim so I added an extra 100 metres on of breaststroke to take it to 1km. Completely knackered at the end of it and very thankful that Jeremy was driving home because after that I don’t think my cognitive function could have handled manoeuvring a large hunk of metal around without endangering the rest of the road users.

I need to pull my finger out and iron out the logistics of early morning swimming before work. While coaching has been fabulous I won’t improve to the level that I need to be at with swimming just once a week, and it’s nice to be home some evenings ALL evening and not that short period between getting home and going out again or getting home at 8pm or 9pm. I will also have to start going to bed on time or earlier if I want to do this properly.

I’ve got two posts in draft at the moment, one on our trip south to spectate at the Busselton Half Ironman and another on the City of Armadale Grand Fondo that was on last weekend. Hopefully I can get them finished soon to post because this weekend is Max Read’s memorial ride around Balingup and we’re coming up to the Experts Cup Rally again soon. We rarely seem to have a weekend off this time of year, unless we say no to a lot of things that we usually say yes to.

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