I run on a Wednesday night with Kat. I love these runs. We run Law Walk in Kings Park or the 10k bridges loop, and we’ve just started rolling in Lake Monger as an alternative. I finish my run, go back to work and get changed into tracksuit pants and a tshirt, and head downstairs to catch the train. I love it when I have 12 or so minutes until the train comes; I can calmly stroll through the Underground station  and lazily waltz through the tunnel to my platform.

Tonight I had 4 minutes. It’s the worst amount. If you only have three minutes, then 9 times out of ten it isn’t enough to get there before the train leaves. So I don’t go fast. When it’s four minutes however, I know that if I hoof it to the platform I’ll get there in time but I’ll feel more sweaty and look more disheveled than I usually do after my Wednesday night run, and I also have my sports bag of running gear under my arm as I bolt across the platform in tracksuit pants, a black tshirt, my grey wool knee length coat but still in my bright pink Mizuno Wave Sayonaras. And tonight I had a loaf of bread picked up from Bakers Delight on the way out, still in my hands. 
I would love to see that CCTV footage.


We’ve decided to go to Malaysia for the Formula 1 again in 2015, and we’re going to stay a few days longer so I can get laser eye surgery. I’ve wanted to get it done since about 2004, but never had the courage or the money to do it. (Thank you poorly managing investment wankers for devouring all the debentures I was building up to pay for this. You did it so well that the administrators only managed to extract 10c in the dollar.) Now I’ve built up the courage, and discovered that it costs pennies to have it done in KL in comparison to Perth. I’m ridiculously excited, and have found a surgical centre that has performed the procedure in KL for at least 14 years, and has Western trained doctors with good English.
Now I just have to contact them to make sure my intended schedule works with them, and start the ball rolling.


I’ve entered the Six Inch Trail Marathon. The current plan has Jeremy and I running together, but his calf is still troubling him, so if training for Six Inch is going to make it worse, he’s going to concentrate on cycling for a while and I’ll do Six Inch solo. In an odd way, I’m sort of hoping I can do it solo. I don’t want Jeremy’s injury to get worse or to not heal, but running Six Inch solo appeals greatly, so if we both run it together this year, and I enjoy the race, then next year I’ll send Jeremy off ahead to improve his time from last year and I’ll run it by myself.

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