Catching up with the past

While I hadn’t *completely* forgotten that I had a LiveJournal from years ago, I did remember that I hadn’t written in it for ages. I was going to delete it wholesale, but then I went through some old posts and realised that my blogging days started in the early 2000s.

May 2010 I started this blog, Not Travelling At Speed. For some reason I didn’t feel like I wanted to publish my Why I Ride post to my LiveJournal – I think because I’d locked down most of my posts because they felt private. I wrote the way I do here, but I still felt like I wasn’t ready for prime time. Why I Ride was the first thing I’d written that I didn’t want to hide.

But having read through some of them, I decided to transfer them to Not Travelling. It isn’t all of my posts, just some of them, but the ones that I’ve transferred made me smile and feel nostalgic.

For context: in Feb 2002 I started at university, after having worked in a public library for about three years. Around August 2002 I started working at a Beaconsfield independent video store called Starland Video. That’s about when my blogging started.

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