Six left after crest

Post Pioneer parkrun reporting in:

My foot hurt afterwards, so:

I didn’t do the intended extra lap after parkrun
I’m not doing a run at Bickley Brook reservoir next Sunday, and am going to parkrun on Saturday instead to see how it goes.


I ran on the lumpy Pioneer course 29:25, considerably faster than my 31:19 at the flat Swan River Run
I ran like I normally run, and didn’t look at time and splits
Pioneer was always going to be a far bigger test of my tendon that SRR would be
It hurt going into the 4th kilometre, so I managed the first three OK, but heading uphill into my final lap of the course it started to twinge
It didn’t hurt nearly as much as it did weekend before last when I needed to ice it for so long I fell asleep
During parkrun I didn’t need to stop and walk,
I didn’t need to stop at all
I didn’t feel like I had to put in much effort to cover the 5km in that time, so I’ve somehow managed to retain that base fitness.

Also: those logical thoughts managed to wheedle their way into my head over the past few days, so I’m less worried about not having enough fitness to run Six Inch, however I am still going to use November as my decision time.

Overall: Feeling generally positive. I haven’t progressed as far as I’d hoped and/or thought, but I haven’t gone backwards either.

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