A gingerbread day.

I’ve got a bunch of posts in draft at the moment. Half will be deleted, others will see the light of day at some point. Some are on running, one is on rally. But today I want to say how much I enjoyed my parkrun, so they can wait.

It wasn’t because I got to see 5 lovely parkrunners run their 100th parkrun, or take part in a new attendance record or seeing a new course record being made, or the amazing amount of cake (and absolutely ripping gingerbread). It was just a good run.

I didn’t take it gently, and the only things that hurt were my lungs. It felt wonderful.

I’ve got full movement in my back, but there is still a small amount of pain to the right of my L5 that lingers. When work moved out of our old building, we were allowed to take our old desk chairs home with us. Mine sat in the office at home, unused except as a cat perch but today I took it into work. We’ve got lovely looking and beautifully designed whizzy chairs, but when I sit in them it looks like I’ve got whopping lordosis which makes me suspect the lumbar support they have just isn’t enough.

The physio and I think that my old chair might supply the lumbar support I require when seated, and as I sit on my bum for eight hours a day I need it. Hopefully with the replacement chair I can eliminate the lingering issues.

I’ve still got to change my registration for the City to Surf this year. I’d signed up for the half, but I think it sensible to stick with the 12km option. It’s quite handy actually, as I’ve only ever walked the 12km distance before, so assuming things don’t go terribly wrong I’ll automatically PB on the course!

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