Pre-race nerves are killing me Smalls.

Dear lord these pre-race nerves can bugger off right now. I’m fairly sure I don’t have shin splints, my knee isn’t dodgy, and I BLOODY WELL HOPE my back isn’t actually playing up because it sure felt like it yesterday. I had to resort to ibuprofen because I just couldn’t concentrate from the pain.

It’s just a fricken 12km race. Sheesh.

I know this is all mental, because my foot is fine, but my back is still under repair and I’m still getting used to all my ergonomic changes at work so every time I straighten up at work and feel my old chair behind me I have that nanosecond flash through my brain of:

“What is that feeling oh it’s the lumbar support from my old office chair is my back sore at the moment no it isn’t now oh good I hope it stays that way I hate that feeling of a dodgy back I hope it doesn’t hurt during the race and that I don’t have a flare up because of the race the physiotherapist said it would be fine but I’ve got form for breaking myself the week after a race…”

Every. Time.

Post-race Sunday lunch at the pub can’t come soon enough.

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