Australia, I am disappointed.

We have a new Prime Minister, and I’m annoyed. Not by the choice of the Liberal Party leader, and thus the Prime Minister, but with the intelligence and political understanding of a remarkable number of people who live in this country.

Firstly, when Australia became a Federation we adopted a system of government that has since been nicknamed ‘Washminster’. We have the structure of the United Kingdom Westminster system, and basically the Senate and a small section of the naming convention of the Washington system. The naming convention. Not the structure. We do not have a popularly elected President.
The leader of the party that has the majority of the seats in the House of Representatives becomes the Prime Minister. You and I do not vote in the Prime Minister, the elected members of that majority party do.
Secondly; the constant complaints that Turnbull has ‘not immediately changed the Liberal Party policies’: 

“We also need a new style of leadership in the way we deal with others whether it is our fellow members of Parliament, whether it is the Australian people. We need to restore traditional Cabinet government. There must be an end to policy on the run and captain’s calls. We need to be truly consultative with colleagues, members of Parliament, senators and the wider public.”

He told you he wasn’t going to change anything without consulting with his party colleagues. And here you all are complaining that in his first full day of office he didn’t break his word. You are actually complaining that the man didn’t invoke the concept of the ‘non-core promise’.

One of the complaints about Turnbull when he was Opposition Leader was that he did not consult with his colleagues, and that was why he was rolled in 2009 by Abbott.

Turnbull has learnt that lesson. Give him time to change the policies in the manner he said he would. Remember, Penny Wong toed the Labor line on marriage equality while she campaigned behind the scenes to change that party line.

Better Turnbull’s stated way than the dictatorial way of Abbott.

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