Out of the running

About a week and a bit ago the physio and I agreed I needed to take a month off running. I’d come to the conclusion already myself, so I am feeling pretty OK with it. The break does take me out of Six Inch and my backup race Lark Hill, so my next longish race might be the Joondalup Half Marathon in May 2016.

My recovery wasn’t being helped by my intermittent running. I’d get a bit OK, then run, and depending on surfaces, I’d be fine or not fine. Ten kilometres at Beat the Blerch on trail was fine, but a Tuesday night 12 minute Cooper Test run on concrete which turned out to be 2.4km gave me awful back ache the following two days.
As part of work’s health and safety program we have ergonomic assessments of our desk setup when we begin our employment so my boss has kindly arranged for a new one for me – anything to help. Actually, they’ve been so amazingly supportive every time I’ve had any issues; I can use my personal leave allowance for physiotherapy appointments – possibly assisted by the fact I have more than seven weeks worth of accumulated personal leave owing to me. Also, they see the mental health benefits in exercise and actively encourage staff to have a work life balance, to do daft things like marathons and races.
So I’m walking parkrun each week, and I’m actually typing this out on my iPad sitting in the car while Jeremy does darkrun because afterwards we’re having dinner with a veritable pack of darkrunners, and just because I can’t run at the moment doesn’t mean I can’t join in.

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