Not quite a thorn in my side

I ran darkrun at Canning River Kent Street Weir park on Tuesday. Cardiovascular fitness has clearly lessened, as 6m30s pace seemed far more of an effort than it used to. I did the warm up chatting to Ben O, so I couldn’t go too fast because then you can’t chat. Decided to risk doing the full run, concrete surfaces and all.

The first almost three kilometres was run with Danielle, while we both discussed poor posture and how hard it is to stop yourself slipping back into bad habits if you aren’t careful. I remembered an old lady from my public library days who had a hunchback so large her head was a full 15cm forward of her spine.

At the three kilometre mark I walked on while everyone else did the collie dog loop back to regroup, and as they started to overtake me I then started to run again.

Finished the run happily knackered and spent the entire of Wednesday trying to work out whether my back hurt or not. I think my glutes remembered Monday’s pilates session and reminded me of it, but my back was fine.

What was also relatively fine was the right side of my torso, where I pulled some muscles on Saturday afternoon reshelving our book collection after an IKEA bookcase buy-up. Yes, I injured myself again. My Tuesday morning physiotherapy treatment was not on my back but on my side. Ultrasound FTW.

The physio did think my back was perfect though!

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