Mojo generation

There’s a self perpetuating cycle that I’m trying to end. It goes:

I have no great enthusiasm about running, because I have no speed, which means that those time goals that I would push myself to reach just become discouraging to me. I have no speed because I don’t train, but I don’t train because I have no enthusiasm. And on.

It should be noted that while I say I have no enthusiasm,  it doesn’t mean that I’ve stopped running. I still run, I still exercise. I run to be social, not to compete. I go to darkrun on Tuesday evening, I go to parkrun on Saturday morning, and then on Sunday I’ll do something – currently it’s been Masters Athletics, or I’ll go for a run locally somewhere.

In an attempt to generate mojo, I have taken to running on a Thursday night – Jeremy and Vince meet at the bike shop on the other side of the river and run around 7-10km, so I run from work to the bike shop, meet Jeremy there and then we drive back into the city to collect my things from work. I’ve decided to use the run to do a half arsed fartlek session, which has been surprisingly enjoyable.

Tomorrow I’ve got a work thing on until about 7pm so it won’t be convenient to run after work.  Instead I’m planning on going out at stupid o’clock in the morning and running a few laps of the oval near our house. Unfortunately it’s been ridiculously cold recently, and with an overnight minimum of 4.C, this will seriously test my attempts at mojo generation.

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