All about that food

For those of you who’ve done Michelle Bridges 12 Week Body Transformation and liked the food and the ease of meal planning but went off the exercise plans (or have your own to follow), try Voome!

It’s all the 12WBT recipes, meal plans, shopping lists, along with quite a few set workouts that you can choose from but not the planned 12 weeks worth of activities. Voome has also dropped the community forums – I must say I’ll probably miss those a tiny bit, because there’s something meanly entertaining about people discovering for the first time since they stopped paying attention in health and nutrition class at school that they should probably eat a bloody non-deep fried vegetable once in a while.

Instead of paying $200 per 12 week round, it’s less than one dollar a day – $6.99 a week, so $363.48c a year.

Ever since I started my first 12WBT round back in November 2012, Jeremy and I have appreciated the meal plans and shopping lists taking us away from eating the same meals over and over again, and getting us to cram more vegetables in our diets. I highly recommend it, and with Voome it got a whole lot cheaper and easier to do.

#notsponsored #youdneverguessthough

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