Catch you up

Just a quick note to say:

I met up with an Exercise Physiologist. It wasn’t great. I went for convenient location instead of subject specialist, so I ended up with a body builder guy instead of a runner. Which wouldn’t have been the worst thing, because I knew I needed to train, and probably with weights, so at least I knew my technique would be solid. Except he was:

a) regularly late to our appointments, and

b) instead of setting me up with a training plan, and having me reconnect with him every couple of months to measure development and improvement, expected me to train with him at RIDICULOUS cost every week.

So when I couldn’t rely on his scheduling, and he expected me to be happy twiddling my thumbs once a week while he finished working with his previous client, meaning my 60 minute appointment would take up at least 80 minutes of my time – because he’d inevitably run late with me too – I decided to gently part ways.

When I saw him again about two months later, he tried a type of bullying cajoling to go back to him that had my hackles rise.

So, plan aborted. For the moment.

I’m now training with a local coach, and I have a super convenient, delightful and delightfully evil physiotherapist, and that’ll do me for the time being.

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