Smashrun ran out of calories

I am asking for your assistance. I need a list of ridiculous meals. Really ridiculously large meals.

A parkrunner I know, Chris Hoy Poy, did the Waterous Trail on Foot 50 mile race a couple of weekends ago. It’s a trail race, took him 12 hours and if you look at his Garmin details for the race on Smashrun you can see he used 6,593 calories throughout the race.

There is a nifty feature on Smashrun where it takes your calorie output and converts it into a more comprehensible form; a massive egg white omelette, a pint of Guinness, a pineapple, a bunch of bananas, 3 pitas and a ton of hummus, a giant steak dinner, etc.

When Chris loaded his race on Smashrun, the system listed it as the largest measurement it had – a giant steak dinner, at 1,850 calories. It shortchanged him 4,743 calories. So I submitted it as a bug to the Smashrun developers, and asked if they needed a list of even larger meals.

Chris Lukic, one of the developers responded almost immediately with “Yes.” When Chris put the list together initially, there were no ultrarunners on the site. Now there are, and if one guy can burn through 6,593 calories over 50 miles, how many could you burn over 100 miles, or further?

So, that’s where you come in. I’m trying to put together an extensive list of meals that we can use to build from 1,850 calories through to 15,000 calories (Yes, that’s right, fifteen thousand.)

I’ve got an editable spreadsheet on Google docs, so if you fancy imagining some enormous or very calorie laden meals, please go ahead and add some meals in.

Beyond 1,850 calories I think we’re going to have to ‘multiply’ meals to get some of the larger calorie counts. My first thought was Butter Chicken – that is glorious, and calorie laden. I found a recipe online and when I calculated the calories by searching through MyFitnessPal’s food database and adding them together, one serve had 826 calories, so 18 serves of that butter chicken would be 14,868 calories.

Does anyone have any recipes for Elvis’s favourite foods?

Feelings nom nom

I do eat my feelings! I didn’t think I did but I do! I had a hard day yesterday, and I wanted chocolate. Not a lot; I’m not one for an entire packet of Tim Tams, but a Freddo Frog, or a Milky Way, or something. I didn’t have any, because I recognized that I was just going for comfort and I could probably choose better comfort food than chocolate.

We went to pub trivia last night and I had the prawn fettucine again. Tomato sauce, prawns, chorizo and chili with some fettucine. They used the chili that had a kick too, to my pleasure.

I felt much better. I hadn’t been cranky diet girl but I’d had a crappy morning (excellent afternoon though), and I wanted comfort, not Thai Beef Salad. My lunch had been all salad (no protein) so I figured it was balanced out, and once I’d eaten that I had no spiritual need for dessert.

So carbohydrates (16km run again tomorrow, so it’s not like it won’t be used), and no chocolate. Not bad.