So tired

I finished work today at 5pm. Technically. We were busy – we didn’t have a sale, there were no $5 refrigerators – but everybody was bringing back videos and not rewinding them, and I had eleventy-billion people to call on the overdue list.

We’re not supposed to have chairs behind the desk – I don’t mind that because I usually have time to sit on the floor and breathe for a few seconds. Not today. There was only one small moment when there was no one in the store but me, and I used it by dashing downstairs and fixing one of the security cameras.

So I technically finished at 5pm, but that was only when [co-worker] came in to take over. I got him to stay behind the desk while I went and shelved videos. I slacked off a bit at this point, but I still only went home at 6.30pm.

Buggered. But I love my job.

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