Oh why wasn’t two enough?

Today I’m feeling waves of shitfulness, depending on whether drugs are kicking in or wearing off. Needless to say, I’m not a fan of ear infections. I’ve got an appointment at the doctors tomorrow morning (Friday) for I expect my third lot of antibiotics, but I’ve still got all the ameliorating drugs from my first lot. I went through the first lot of antibiotics, picked up the repeat prescription and finished that on Monday night. Tuesday night my ears felt a little odd, but I’d just been in the shower, so I thought it could be that. Then I woke up with loud tinnitus and weird ears on Wednesday morning, and booked in to see the doctor.

At the moment I’m on powerful antihistamines, prescription strength ibuprofen and steroid ear drops. Oooh, that’d make me test positive to doping, I bet. Back when I did cyclosportifs you had to be a licensed Cycling Australia rider, and even the recreational, non-racing licenses required you to agree to abide by the WADA anti-doping code. I went through my entire medicine cabinet checking what I had and what I wasn’t supposed to use. I think I was fine except Sudafed was flagged “in certain conditions”.

When I signed up to the Perth Trail Series Summer Series, because it was essentially 5 races for the price of four I gave myself a get out of jail free card for a single race – if I woke up feeling dead tired, then I could skip a race, but I’d not be able to wuss out of the others. Qi Gong may be that race.

Wendy (my sister) is flying out Saturday afternoon, and then Jeremy has Lark Hill 25k on Saturday night. I’ve got Qi Gong Sunday morning, and then Jeremy flies out around Sunday lunchtime. So it’s not exactly a quiet weekend, and I love Lark Hill and don’t want to miss Jeremy’s race. So if I miss Qi Gong to sleep then so be it.

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