Mr Millar

When I first read about David Millar, I thought that he sounded like a bit of a dick – I hadn’t known of him before I became interested in cycling, so I’ve only known of him post-doping scandal.  In my eyes, anyone who dopes is a bit of a dick.

He has redeemed himself to me.  He is an anti-doping advocate, he takes the time to explain to anti-doping people why he doped, what lead him to doping, and what it does to your mentality.  Also, his diaries on are the funniest things I’ve ever read.  He began writing them during the Dauphine and on through the Tour.  I really hope that he continues to write, because in that period he has made me laugh, cackle and cry.  Sometimes all three, at once.

David Millar – not a dick.

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